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This page is dedicated to informing alum about ongoing activities and events associated with MSUBA-Oakland County Chapter.


1. Implement programs to enhance educational opportunities and the quality of life for Black alumni, students, faculty and staff at MSU.

2. Provide a framework for alumni, with interests common to the organization, to meet both formally and informally for educational, professional, and social purposes.

3. Advocate the need for MSU to continue an active program of affirmative action to ensure the involvement and participation of Black students, faculty and staff in all aspects of the university, at all levels.

4. Establish communication linkages between Black alumni, students, faculty and staff at MSU to maintain a common awareness of issues being addressed or to be addressed by the organization.

5. Mobilize resources to assist Black students in their matriculation at MSU.

6. Provide assistance in the recruitment and retention of Black students, faculty, and staff at MSU.

Our Team

Tyloaha Parker

Michael Williamson

Shondra Marshall


Scholarship - Congratulations to our first scholarship recipient, Ms. Joree Kidd - 2018

P.O. Box 7107

Huntington Woods, Michigan

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